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Your Brain's Blueprint

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"Cognitive skills are a more reliable predictor of success than social-emotional skills or past performance.

Scientists have consistently demonstrated for over 50 years that cognitive skills are the key driver of academic achievement".

(eg. Cattell, 1971 & 1987; Woodcock & McArdle, 1998; Ferrer & McArdle, 2004)

(Mindprint Learning, LLC, 2002)

Developed by neuroscientists at UPenn Medicine and the National Institute of Health, and used by NASA, students take our online Learning Profile Assessment to discover THEIR specific learning superpowers and how to maximize THEIR strengths.


Students will walk away with a comprehensive learning profile as well as an online toolkit that aligns with their strengths and needs.

This is a fantastic resource to share with their learning team (teachers, coaches, tutors, and more) to increase understanding of the student's strengths and needs, with tangible strategies to support their ongoing learning journey.

Image by Sam Moqadam

As a student, you will ...

Meet with Kaizen's learning expert and director to learn about cognitive skills versus academic skills.

Understand the assessment as a "personality test for your brain".

Learn the reason why you may be struggling in some areas while succeeding in others.

Become versed in HOW you learn best, and this is just as (if not more) important than WHAT you are learning.

Understand what the assessment measures, how the process works, and how it will help you.

Receive your learning profile assessment results.

As a Student, you will ...

Learn how to interpret your results and what each skill means in "real life".

Understand that no 2 brains are alike, and how you can use your strengths to navigate your challenges.

Learn how to make objective, data-informed choices when deciding which strategies are best for you.

Build a growth mindset and skills for metacognition, with increased self-agency.

Understand how your stronger skills will help you work more efficiently so you can spend less time studying, and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Develop self-awareness based on the science of YOUR brain.


As a parent, you will receive ...

A clear understanding of where your child stands in all 10 areas of cognitive skills, including executive functioning, as compared to their peers.

Scientifically valid, objective, reliable, and normed results from over 9000 students aged 8 - 21 years.

A comprehensive Learner Profile that identifies your child's cognitive strengths and needs, with strategies on how to approach their learning.

An accompanying Academic Profile displaying the implications of your child's brain relative to their school subjects.

A Student-Friendly Learning Profile that enables you to confidently discuss the results and next steps with your child.

Access to 500 learning strategies and tools developed by top Ivy League neuroscientists.


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