Executive Skills Coach - Dip.Tech, B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

While pursuing his post secondary studies, Darcy began his career tutoring then training tutors in various learning skills centres. This grew as counseling departments requested his assistance to tutor others facing different learning challenges. His interest in learning mathematics evolved as he became increasingly interested in how we learn.


Teaching high school and adult upgrading learners for over twenty years through modes of traditional classroom, open learning, one-on-one and online delivery, these varied experiences offered Darcy numerous insights. He ensured effective study skills became an integral component within his teaching and tutoring practices.


His M.A. in Mathematics for Teachers at York University was completed as personal goal with the benefit of added career development.


Embracing and promoting positive self awareness with all of his students, Darcy’s patience and encouragement allows students to discover their inner potential and see math in a light that understanding is an individual accomplishment. He sees teaching and learning together as essential complements to each other.


Darcy advocates balancing self accountability together with health and wellness for happiness and success. His natural approach of asking students and parents, “What do you know now that you didn’t when you woke up this morning?” makes him a natural fit to the Kaizen philosophy.

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