Kaizen uses a customized software program (Learnspeed) that provides parent/guardians with frequent updates from their child’s coach about how the child is doing in sessions, the topics covered, assigned UP+GRADE work, and possibilities for next steps. 

Communicating with parents


Parents/guardians receive a summary after every individual session. Coaches record how prepared the student was, the level of engagement during the session and what “upgrade work,” if any, was assigned. They also receive specific notes from the coach addressing any pertinent information. These updates are generated by the customized software, as always parents/guardians can email their assigned coach.

Communicating with students


If the student has their own email address, the coach will communicate any concerns directly with the student. They will also receive a grading on preparation, engagement and the assigned work. These communications are generated by the software but students can also continue to interact with the coaches via email or text.


Automatic emails will be sent out to the parents and students to notify them of up and coming appointments and allow for cancellations.