We are often asked, DO YOU TUTOR?

The short answer is, yes, BUT in a very specialized, non-traditional way.


are advanced, certified, qualified and experienced educators who have received specialized executive skills program training.


Tutors are very often university students, high school students, teachers, anyone in an industry that has some content knowledge of the subject being tutored. Not necessarily qualified or certified educators.



is large enough that we can precisely match our students with a specific coach to best meet their individual learning needs. Our coaches nurture relationships with their students -  they are mentors, guides, and confidantes.

The student's relationship with a tutor is typically more conventional and rarely gets a chance to become more.



focus on the process of learning and transferable skills that can be applied to any subject or course.


Tutoring is unique to a course or subject.



teach students HOW to learn. 


Tutoring teaches students WHAT to learn.



primary goal is to develop a transferable, high-level skill set of executive skills empowering the student to be successful in learning AND in life. 


The goal of tutoring is to meet curricular goals and outcomes of specific courses/subjects.



accesses relevant school work and curriculum as an avenue for students to develop their executive skills toolkit while becoming aware of their own thought processes and distinct learning style.

Tutoring is defined by reteaching of curricular concepts based on what is required by provincial standards and standardized assessments.



assign timely and relevant executive skills practice that is transferable to all subjects.


Tutors assign specific questions and/or course content work.



is always defined by a customized and individualized approach based on comprehensive learning goals. The Kaizen model includes extensive preparation by the coach with parent and student follow up.


Tutoring tends to be more of an ad hoc approach with the session based on the specific work that the student brings to the session. There is limited (if any) follow up between visits.