Executive Skills Coach
B.A. English
B.Ed. Honours with Distinction

As a long time classroom teacher with the public system, Donna’s goal has always been to enrich the lives of her students, assisting them with their individual journeys while empowering them for their next adventure.


Her first teaching experiences with adolescents in Junior High solidified her belief that working with students was her life’s calling. As a Language Arts teacher she was able to combine her love of literature and, yes, even grammar, with her love of interacting with students to help inspire them to engage in language with confidence and joy.


Moving to Adult Academic Support within the public system, she taught the High School curriculum to an engaging and diverse group ranging in age from 16 to 65 including second-language learners and students in need of various learning accommodations. Improvement of reading comprehension and writing skills was the curricular focus, but helping students overcome their unique challenges and engage in various strategies to build on their strengths and reconnect with their learning continues to be Donna’s focus.

Her belief that each student deserves individualized assistance enables Donna to provide the support that allows them to develop self-confidence and take responsibility for their own success, thus resulting in students finding their own path to move forward and, based on their efforts, reach whatever goals they set for themselves.


In the classic novel The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf told Frodo,“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  Working with people to help them discover and realize the joy of achieving their potential in their own unique way is one of Donna’s best decisions; interacting with each student as a individual with unique gifts has always been truly rewarding. Seeing each student decide their path is a joyful experience to share.


Donna is inspired by the unique, mentoring environment fostered at Kaizen. As an Academic Coach, she brings the same passionate and caring approach she has maintained throughout her teaching career.