John Laing, Registered Psychologist- BIO
ADHD and Learning Difficulties 

John's expertise includes helping students and families navigate the complexities of:

John is also able to conduct full comprehensive psycho-educational assessments on site.

Anxiety & Depression
Relationship building and social skills development
Understanding your child's learning profile 

John is particularly gifted in working with youth and their families to navigate the ins and outs of ADHD and other learning challenges which makes him a perfect fit for our Kaizen family!  After working extensively within school systems, he deeply empathizes with how issues with impulsivity and/or inattention impact children's abilities to manage their environment 


He has an astute understanding of how ADHD impacts Executive Functioning and how it relates to managing everyday tasks and meeting daily expectations at home and at school, including social, emotional, behavioral and academic demands. He also believes in the importance of addressing all components of the family’s system if a change is to be actualized and sustained 


John has extensive experience working with children, youth and adults to see acceptance, pursue happiness and support them in removing barriers in their lives, empowering them with the tools and skills to make their own journey more successful. He is thrilled to support both Kaizen families and the Kaizen superhero team, continuing their journey toward progressive and continuous improvement.

​To schedule an appointment with John, please contact our administrative assistant, Cheryl, at or (403) 808 3151. 
John can be reached at