Executive Skills Coach - B.Ed

Jeff is a very passionate educator who has worked and thrived in a wide variety of teaching environments. In his younger years, he taught children’s karate and women’s self defense courses.


When his professional teaching career started in the early 90’s, he taught in a television studio instead of a classroom. Jeff was a junior high science teacher for ACCESS Network’s “Homework Hotline” show.


Since then, his teaching career has spanned grades 1-12, adult education, teacher professional development, and corporate business training. Each of his teaching experiences has fine tuned his understanding of varied and complex learners and developed his personal teaching philosophy and style.


What sets Jeff apart is his creative enthusiasm for bringing joy and adventure to learning. A strong focus of his teaching methodology is based on research that shows a student’s brain works up to 31% better when in a positive frame of mind. He always strives for the most memorable, imaginative and fun methods to tackle teaching concepts. He believes that learning should be meaningful, worthwhile and self-esteem building.


What is most important to Jeff are the positive attitudes that he tries to instill about life-long learning and personal growth. If a student has a better understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and a full toolbox of skills that will allow them to flourish in life, they are set to succeed!

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