November 2018 - POST SECONDARY PLANNING - Wayne Bobrosky
Do you and your child have a post-secondary education plan? 
Interested in learning how to get one started?

As a parent of a current or up-and-coming high-school student, you're already well aware of the challenges around the cost of post-secondary education. Today, the average annual cost of undergraduate, post-secondary education at universities in Canada is $19,498.75. Besides the high-cost associated, there are a huge variety of alternative post-secondary options available to today's students, including college, polytechnic, and apprenticeship programs among others. Collectively, the vast number of choices can make the decision-making process cumbersome and stressful for all involved. 

We also know that the attrition (dropout) rates for first-year university students in Canada can range from 14-16%. The reasons for this high number are numerous, but in some cases, students are pursuing post-secondary studies just because they don't know what else to do after high school. Counselling services in many high schools are overwhelmed and often students are unsure of what all their options are.


“It gets drilled into your head that after high school, you need to go to university, get a degree, [and] find a job,” said Skyler Alexander, a former Bachelor of Arts student at Carleton. Alexander, who took a break from his studies after completing his first year, said he attended because it was what everyone else was doing. 

“I might go back and finish, but right now I need to mature and explore other options, just see what other paths I can take,” Alexander said. “I wish someone told me about other options, even to take a gap year.”

According to author, Ken Coates, "It is vital that Canadians consider all of the options available to them. For some young adults and mature learners, universities are the ideal option. For others, they can be an expensive waste of time, money and effort. There are many people who would be much better off going directly to a college or polytechnic, where they could be in a program that leads them to the kind of career that they desire."

He goes on to suggest that, "far too few Canadian families take time to examine the alternatives and to figure out the best match between abilities, resources, and realistic job opportunities. They have, instead, accepted the mantra about the extraordinary value of a university degree and do not examine all of the possibilities before them." 

As we know well at Kaizen Education Services, each student we work with is unique and has different interests, learning styles, abilities and strengths, and levels of maturity. These also add to the post-secondary equation.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach!

The transition to post-secondary and beyond high school is a complex one that requires lots of research, planning, big-picture discussion, and honest reflection. The earlier that this process gets underway (ideally beginning in Grade 9) the more likely that a successful fit will occur that aligns student interests with a relevant program or trade, at an affordable cost, and addresses the various realities of post-secondary life. A well-constructed, post-secondary education plan is a practical and necessary tool to get this process underway!

Join us on December 8th, 2:00-4:00 pm 
for the following free information session: 
Post-Secondary Education Planning for
Parents of Students in Grades 9-12

In this two-hour session, parents will be introduced to the necessary steps to create an "education plan" for their child as he or she nears post-secondary age.


Creating a plan requires answers to important questions around post-secondary education and include areas like: clarifying a student's goals, comparing and evaluating the various options, calculating the expected costs, choosing sources of funding, and writing down the plan.


Session participants will also be provided with a variety of resources and tools to help with this process. 

Seating is limited please reserve yours here

Wayne Bobrosky is a Kaizen Academic Coach by night and Adult Academic Counselor by day. He has over twenty years of experience working with youth and adults in the fields of education, social work, and business. Wayne offers a 360-degree view of the post-secondary experience to help parents and their children to maximize their post-secondary options and experience. 

Larry Lemieux has been assisting students to plan their futures and reach their potential for over 30 years as a teacher and Academic Counselor. By interacting with students and their families, he has witnessed growth in students' decision-making, self-esteem and individual responsibility as they make choices regarding their long-term educational and career goals.