Through Their Eyes - A Student Perspective

We have invited several students to contribute to our newsletter in a new column allocated just to them! Our students’ perspectives and ideas inspire much of our Kaizen programming and pivots. We are privileged that they provide us with firsthand voices that are unique, authentic, honest... and often misunderstood. 


Warning: You may not agree with the points of view presented!

However, we encourage you to simply hear and digest what’s on our children’s minds and hearts.


The students will be asked to answer three questions on a topic of their choice:

What would you say to other students about this topic?

To parents?

To teachers?

august 2020
The New Standard

By a student entering grade 12 in September, Calgary, AB.

As a global community, we are going through something brand new to the current generations. At first, it was scary, and quickly evolved into an annoyance that held us back from our lives. The coronavirus became the new standard of living. After months of staying inside and being disconnected from physical interaction, the world began to spin again. However it felt different, masks were required, meters were put in place, and the new normal came to be. Now Alberta schools have officially decided that we should return, and learning would be back in session. Together we are all trying to go back to a life that was interrupted by COVID-19.

JUNE 2020
Pressure to Post: A Student's Perspective on Social Media

By a 17 year old Calgary student

This blog post is not intended to make anyone feel bad or upset but rather to be aware of issues I've faced as a 17-year-old girl growing up surrounded by social media. The topic is a tricky one to discuss because discussing it brings up feelings of worry about how people will think about what I am presenting here.