Our family has had an excellent experience with Kaizen Education Services in Calgary and would love to see more children, youth, young adults, parents and educators benefit from their services.


Our son, has ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, a Learning Disability in Written Expression, Giftedness (in several areas) and Executive Skill disfunction (a layered diagnoses, as most with ADHD have!). The registered psychologist who completed his assessment highly recommended Kaizen Education Services to assist him with his Learning Disability. Blessed to have received this recommendation, he continues to experience personalized strategies to help develop strengths in the area Written Expression (far better and far beyond our son's experience in a different independent read/write program he was enrolled in). However, what has taken their service beyond any other program we have enrolled our son in, is the emphasis on executive skill support and development, mentorship, confidence building, self-advocacy and empowerment. 

Bi-monthly sessions at Kaizen has been a HUGE self-esteem boost and confidence builder for our son and has empowered us, as parents, to help him with his learning and to advocate on his behalf.  Each session at Kaizen is followed up a brief parent/coach meeting, along with a detailed report that includes observations of our son, strategies used throughout the session, “upgrade” work to complete at home, and resources and tools to help us assist him at home and at school.  It has been an education for us and has helped us better understanding our son's many layers!


Although the team at Kaizen have an in depth understanding for those diagnosed with ADHD (including the common coexisting disorders), they know that more often than not kids with ADHD are simply “misunderstood” and they are dedicated to increasing awareness of this disorder.  They are helping the community have a better understanding (and empathy) for kids with ADHD through their website, blogs, parent and teacher information sessions, and more.  They are tirelessly working to educate parents, teachers and the community on ADHD symptoms and the strategies to help kids be successful at school and at home.


I believe, Samantha Woods, the founder of Kaizen Education Services, is a pioneer in bridging the gap between the education system and the needs of those with ADHD (including the common co-existing disorders, Executive Functioning Disorder included) .  Kaizen Education Services provides a tailored approach to addressing the needs of students and are dedicated and successful in finding more enhanced methods to help kids reach their potential within the school system and in life. ~ Christa

"After the very first session our son came out and said: 'This is going to go very well. I really like Henry and he explains things so well.' He has had to miss several sessions as a result of conflicts with volleyball but Henry has been extremely understanding and has worked around the schedule. 

Each session our son has come out feeling positive and happy and can hardly believe the session has been an hour and a half. That tells me he is fully engaged in what they are doing and the pace is perfect. We couldn't be happier!!!"

 - Karla

"Sam, You are amazing! 

Your summary of our son's needs is 'spot on'! He felt very good after his intake meeting and is really looking forward to working with Wayne. His comment at our special lunch out was ... ‘Mom, I felt Sam and Angela listened to me and I think Sam gets me'. Thank you for that take away! I have to say that I feel significantly better knowing that the Kaizen team has his back. My drive home today was relaxed and I felt I could breathe easily again. We appreciate your time and willingness to support our guy!" 

- Andrea 

"Our daughter shared that she made some new friends and gained some new tools to deal with her insecurities and anxieties. She shared her toolbox and was quite proud of it. I think the topics addressed during the BOUNCE workshop were spot on.  That is exactly why I enrolled her in the course. We really appreciated the opportunity to attend this course.  I think it is so timely and relevant in today's society. Thank you so much for all your efforts, Cheryl!  Well done!"

- Jillian

"Sophie loved the BOUNCE workshop!  She hasn’t stop taking about all the strategies she learned about and read me all her cue cards with tips and when to use them.  I am going to go to the loonie store tomorrow to buy the mini garbage cans!  She has also used the walk away strategy when her sister has frustrated her.  She actually asked if she could take her tool box with her on Christmas vacation! Thanks so much Cheryl."

- Katie

I am very pleased with the coaching that Kaizen has provided.  My daughter was struggling to keep up in school and has since improved a full grade point in both math and English since she started working with Kaizen's coaches.  Before using Kaizen's services, we had tried other tutoring organizations and were unimpressed with the lack of qualified tutors and the ad hoc approach to their tutoring sessions.  The level of care, professionalism, organization, and feedback that Kaizen provides far exceeds anything we experienced previously.  My daughter's words probably capture it best when, after her second coaching session, she emerged and said, "I love Kaizen, I love that they started Kaizen!"  Anything that makes my daughter's learning experience more enjoyable and easier, makes my life as a parent easier."

- Carol


"I am a currently a university student working toward my first degree. Kaizen has given me many practical tools to manage my heavy course load. I have learned personalized ways to take effective notes, strategies to reduce my exam anxiety, and received writing support. All of these tools give me confidence to tackle every day activities and decrease my stress.

Samantha's disposition is truly kind and genuine which supports my unique needs and individual learning style.  Kaizen not only helps me with school but also other life skills. I am truly grateful for the support! You do amazing work!"

- Aimee

"Sam's creative approach in teaching not only as an educator but as a mentor has prepared me for my own teaching career. The skills she has taught me has helped me build a solid foundation to which I can apply not only in my career but also in all aspects of my life. I would recommend anyone looking to overcome an obstacle or expand his or her knowledge to allow Sam the opportunity to assist in their goals."

- Mardi


"Ms. Woods has worked one on one with many students in grades 7 through 12 on developing their executive functioning skills. Her passion for helping students is evident in all she endeavours. She is a professional who is passionate, knowledgeable and determined in her approach. Her thorough approach, strong communication skills and wealth of expertise is highly valued by our staff, students and parents." 

- Director of Student Services at a Calgary Junior/Senior High

"Samantha is an amazing person with a deep and passionate understanding for students. The workshop was engaging, meaningful and essential. The kids were empowered to learn and build essential skills while teachers learned more strategies to support all of our children." 

- Michelle Cross - Learning Strategist Grade 1 through 6 - Calgary French & International School