Academic Coach & Workshop Coordinator- B.Ed, M.Ed, BA (History)

For over ten years, Kristin has been bringing her expertise to the world of education. She has spent the majority of her career teaching at a premier private school for exceptional learners, and specializes in instruction tailored for individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities.


Kristin’s has extensive background in developing individual program plans which identify targeted strategies that are designed to assist children in the development of critical skills. Her knowledge in remedial support is comprehensive and includes expertise in reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing and math. Kristin is a dedicated professional who is committed to facilitating children to reach their full academic and interpersonal potential. 


With an incredible passion and enthusiasm for learning, Kristin brings a fun and engaging approach to child development!



Kristin believes, “Learning is a never ending process”.  For her, this has included the successful completion of a Master’s degree in education through the University of Alberta with a focus on school improvement and school effectiveness.


Some of her research interests include emotional intelligence, teacher induction programs, flipped classroom model, and intervention and discipline policies.

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