Do you really know how your child learns best?
Do you fully understand their strengths and needs?





You don't have to be a kaizen student to BOOK a learning AsSESSMENT.
It's open to all children between the ages of 8 & 21.

We created the Kaizen Learning Assessment Profile Bundle for parents who would like a snapshot of their child's learning. Our bundle will help you to understand the results of the assessment, learn how to use the resources that come with it and collaborate with our expert educator to plan strategies to address your child's academic needs. 

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The Assessment

Book a 1 hour session for your child with our Director Samantha Woods, during which she will brief you and your child on what they can expect from the assessment and examples of what the results will show.

A Session Report

You will be sent a personalized session report after your child completes the assessment. The session report will provide you with more details related to the timeline for the results, follow up procedures, and suggested dates for the next meeting date.

The Results

You will receive an email and a link to the results within 5 business days of your child completing the assessment. You and your child will then have access to the full Profile Results Report and the Mindprint Toolbox, which provides you with hundreds of learning strategies, study strategies, games, apps, and well-researched articles related to education.

A Summary Report

A two-page summary report highlighting your child's assessment results will be emailed to you as a quick reference tool. You will also be offered some dates and times to set up a meeting with Samantha to go over the results of the assessment.

A Family Follow up Meeting and Toolbox Tutorial

During the 30 minute follow up meeting, Samantha will listen to parent feedback, offer up possibilities for strategy implementation at home and school, as well as answer any questions. She will also help your child to set up his/her own account and provide a tutorial on how to navigate the site, adding specific strategies and tools to his/her personalized toolbox. 



The learning assessment fee is included in the intake package for all 1:1 Kaizen coaching programs.

Parents sometimes have a strong intuitive sense of how their child learns best but HOW do we fully understand our child's strengths to ensure they develop at a level reflective of their potential? What are their areas of growth and HOW can we better support? 


Kaizen has partnered with Mindprint Learning, a scientifically-valid cognitive test designed to help pinpoint a child's learning strengths and needs. Our assessment, powered by Mindprint Learning, can be taken in 1 hour and includes access to a full database of over 350 research-based learning strategies to provide ongoing personalization of your child's toolkit of support at school and home.


Our learning profile gives both families and Kaizen academic coaches insight about a student’s reasoning, memory, speed and executive functioning skills, including attention. With careful evaluation, analysis and custom recommended instruction and study strategies to improve academic performance, Kaizen can help your child develop new and helpful approaches to learning as well as provide concrete suggestions for in-school supports.

After the learning assessment profile is completed, both parents and academic coaches have access to a customizable toolkit of learning strategies, research and resources to provide ongoing support. 

Our assessment does not replace a full psycho-educational assessment administered by a registered psychologist. However, a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment is definitely a necessary step in the formalized diagnosis of a learning disability or disorder such as ADHD.


Please contact should you wish to book an appointment with our in-house registered psychologist to explore the 'ins and outs' of assessments.  


The Kaizen Mindprint assessment gives professionals working with your child (teachers, academic coaches, tutors, parents, caregivers) a scientifically valid, objective learning profile AND a digital toolkit of supporting strategies. These are based on each child's cognitive strengths and needs across 10 core skills in the domains of speed, executive functions, complex reasoning and long-term memory. 

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