From  Grade  4  to  4Ever

"I am very pleased with the coaching that Kaizen has provided.  My daughter was struggling to keep up in school and has since improved a full grade point in both math and English since she started working with Kaizen's coaches.  


Before using Kaizen's services, we had tried other tutoring organizations and were unimpressed with the lack of qualified tutors and the ad hoc approach to their tutoring sessions.  


The level of care, professionalism, organization, and feedback that Kaizen provides far exceeds anything we experienced previously.  


My daughter's words probably capture it best when, after her second coaching session, she emerged and said, "I love Kaizen, I love that they started Kaizen!"  

Anything that makes my daughter's learning experience more enjoyable and easier, makes my life as a parent easier."


Everything we do with our clients is personalized, according to their learning needs at every stage.

Here are a selection of some of the helpful and specialized tools we adapt and implement to support students in reaching their goals.


  • Goal Setting & Motivation

  • Mindset & Metacognition

  • Growing Brains & Learning

  • Distraction & Focus

  • Organization & Time Management Skills

  • Strategic Reading Practices

  • Note-taking & Remembering

  • Innovative Study Approaches That Meet Unique Learning Profiles

  • Tests & Test Taking

  • Student Wellness

  • Adapting to transition & change


  • Personal & Academic Goal Setting Through Achievable Challenges

  • Developing a Positive Growth Mindset

  • Learning How Your Brain Works & The Science of Learning

  • Distraction & Focus - The Age of Information & Devices

  • Organizing 'Stuff' Like Lockers, Backpacks, and Binders

  • Organizing Time: Planning & Prioritization

  • Project Management 101

  • Remembering: Creative Study & Memory Techniques

  • Test Taking Strategies & Managing Test Anxiety

  • Written Communication & Research

  • Brain Health & Wellness



  • Goal setting

  • Strategy reflection & follow up

  • Self-advocacy skill development

  • Determining what is working & what isn't

  • Regulating attention & focus / managing technology

  • Healthy brains: nutrition, hydration & sleep

Special thanks to Drs. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare and Dr. Lynn Meltzer for their resources, research and commitment to executive skill development.




  • Kaizen uses a customized software program (Learnspeed) that provides parents with frequent updates about sessions, the topics covered, assigned UP+GRADE work, and possibilities for next steps. 

  • Communication between members involved in the student’s learning plan (parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, psychologists, learning strategists, tutors or any other key stakeholders) is vital and keeps everyone on the same page. Often times we sign our kids up for a service and get little, if any, worthwhile feedback. It's impossible for parents to support their kids if they don't know what was taught.​ Parents, students and teachers (with parents' permission) receive a Kaizen session report within 24-36 hours of a visit with a coach. Timely and detailed feedback is imperative in making adjustments and implementing change. To see examples of our session reports, head here.

  • Parents, students and teachers (with parents' permission) receive a Kaizen session reports within 24-36 hours of a visit with a coach. Timely and detailed feedback is imperative in making adjustments and implementing change.

  • Teachers are welcome to contact us with feedback about student learning. With the parent's permission, we are also very willing to share resources with teachers about how they may support our students within a regular classroom setting.

  • Parents are welcome pre-book extra session time with their child's coach to discuss the process and how they can support it.