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Power Up Study Skills

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Did You Know ...

There is an 84% probability that your teen's study methods are ineffective, and it's not their fault.

Most teenagers are studying the wrong way and they just don't realize it. No one has ever told students they are studying the wrong way, or more importantly, HOW to change and study effectively.

Until now.

This Power Hour is specifically designed to teach students how to study effectively and efficiently using brain-based science.

Learn ...

  • The number one mistakes students typically make when studying.

  • ​How mindset and metacognition play an essential role in overall success.

  • The power of brain-based science and its tremendous impact on understanding how to learn.

  • The impact of stress on learning.

  • How to assess current learning habits and make easy changes.

  • How to be distraction-free (or at least reduced!) in an ever-increasingly distracted world.​

  • A variety of ACTIVE study strategies to increase engagement, retention, and overall performance.

  • How to avoid The Curve of Forgetting and use other memory hacks.

  • A more effective approach beyond your "preferred learning style".

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