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Student Success, Brain Health, & Well-Being

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Did You Know ...

The research is clear:

Brains need to be looked after and exercised just like the rest of our bodies.


However, many teens and young adults struggle to manage their brain health, especially during stressful times.

This Power Hour is designed to share practical and easy-to-implement tips based on current research to help students increase their brain health and overall well-being.

Learn ...

  • How to maximize your learning online (or wherever you land!).

  • ​Practical tips for teen brain health and well-being, including developing your own Healthy Mind Platter (based on the incredible work of Dr. Dan Siegel, 2011).

  • Tools to power up your body and brain (including brain nutrition).

  • How to maintain a growth mindset.

  • How to squash ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts).

  • Simple ways to self-advocate ... without throwing up.

  • AND how to combat anxieties about it all!


2020 - 2021 Sessions

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11 AM

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11 AM

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11 AM

More confidence. more achievement. more resilience. more peace.

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