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From Surviving

to Thriving

Finish the COVID School Year Strong

Has your child returned to online learning?

Are they struggling to succeed in their virtual classroom?

Is your overall family dynamic suffering because of the implications of COVID-19?

Join Kaizen's Founder & Director, Samantha Woods, and Workshop Boss & Superstar Executive Skills Coach, Kristin Merrett for a

FREE online workshop.

Learn practical tips for teen brain health and well-being, including developing your own Healthy Mind Platter, based on the incredible work of Dr. Dan Siegel (Rock, D., Siegel, D.J., Poelmans, S.A.Y., & Payne, J. (2012). The Healthy Mind Platter. Neuroleadership Journal, 4, 1-23).

Minimize Distractions

Manage "Zoom Fatigue"

Chunk Out Tasks

How and When to Take Brain & Body Breaks

Squash ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

Cultivate & Maintain a Growth Mindset

Experience success in the virtual classroom.

We understand that COVID rules and restrictions have been especially challenging for students and their families.

From having to constantly "pivot", to building and maintaining

work-from-home set-ups for the entire family, while being forced to cut the majority of your social interactions, in addition to the fear of contracting COVID ... the change, uncertainty, and unrest has been tremendous.

"Strategies to help us as a family to negotiate areas of difficulty that we have faced in regards to schoolwork, as well as home life, has been invaluable"

Parent of a Grade 6 Kaizen Student

The brilliant brains at Kaizen have spent hundreds of hours discovering the best and brightest ways to manage executive skill deficits and share them in student-friendly language.

Our team has taken the most impactful tips, tools, and strategies, and condensed them into a 60 minute FREE Power Hour to help students increase their brain health and overall well-being during this exceptionally trying time.

So ... What now?

Register for this FREE workshop.

Attend live, via Zoom, Saturday, May 15.

Ride out the third wave of COVID successfully.

The research is clear: Brains need to be exercised and looked after (nutrition, rest, etc.) just like the rest of our bodies.


However, many teens and young adults struggle to manage their brain health, especially during stressful times; the tremendous implications of COVID demonstrates this.

This FREE Power Hour is designed to share practical and easy-to-implement tips based on current research to help students increase their brain health and overall well-being.

Please join us on Saturday, May 15 @ 11 AM MDT for a FREE 60 minute workshop focused on brain health, and how to not just survive, but THRIVE during this third wave of COVID lockdowns.