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Test Taking Hacks

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Did You Know ...

Life is a test, and no two tests are the same.

Different tests require different approaches. Unfortunately, many students approach all tests in the same way.

Whether a piano recital, a basketball game, a multiple-choice test, a short-answer quiz, or an essay exam, the more adept students are at predicting, preparing, and practicing, the more confident they will be at facing the tests life throws their way.

How you prepare matters! After all, you wouldn't use a hammer to unclog a toilet. Tests are the same!

Learn ...

  • How to adapt study approaches when tackling different types of tests.

  • Proven techniques to reduce stress while increasing confidence and performance.

  • How to create your own "game day plan" for your next test, quiz, or exam.

  • How to self-advocate for accommodations and / or testing conditions.

  • The least common, but BEST test preparation and test-taking techniques.

  • Why test anxiety occurs and how to combat it head-on.

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