Career/Post Secondary Coach - BA, BSW, MBA

Wayne has over twenty years of experience working with youth in a variety of capacities, as a teacher, social worker, facilitator, mentor, and coach; and in a number of different countries including Canada, Mali, Czech Republic, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, The Bahamas, and most recently in Bangkok, Thailand. Wayne has also worked as a consultant evaluating and monitoring programs for clients ranging from non-profit organizations and education providers to government-funded entities both in Canada and overseas. Besides working in more traditional classroom-settings, he has also worked in a distance-education capacity and has developed experiential education programs for a variety of learning institutions. 


Wayne's various education, professional, and personal experiences have allowed him to offer a big-picture perspective when working with youth in an easy-going and professional manner. He aims to build relationships that focus on individual strengths and interests, all the while emphasizing the importance of goal-planning, hard-work, and building personal resilience. 


As a father of two up-and-coming teenagers, Wayne enjoys the enthusiasm and energy of young people and leverages this to enhance his own life. He enjoys staying active by running, walking, playing hockey, and other sporting pursuits. As a born and raised Calgarian, he always appreciates the beauty of Calgary's green spaces and natural beauty. 


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